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Static Analysis

Static analysis tools usually needs a compile_commands.json file. If you use Meson to build JackTrip, it already created this file in your build directory.


If you only want to run basic static analysis on JackTrip, you can install scan-build. Meson will automatically generate a scan-build target for you:

ninja -C builddir scan-build

This should never show any warnings or errors.


If you installed clang-tidy and there's a .clang-tidy file in the project directory, Meson generates a clang-tidy target, too. The .clang-tidy file defines which checks should be run. Running clang-tidy on the entire code base:

ninja -C builddir clang-tidy

In most cases you want to run clang-tidy on single files.

cd src -j 4 -p ../builddir singlefile.cpp

In -j #, # specifies the number of tidy instances that run in parallel.


For some checks clang-tidy offers automatic fixes. Some of these are save to apply without worries. Others should be checked afterwards. -fix -j 4 -p ../builddir singlefile.cpp