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Formatting with clang-format

JackTrip uses clang-format to specify the Code Formatting Style. Most IDEs are able to recognize the .clang-format file in JackTrip's project directory and integrate the formatting capabilities.

Formatting specific files is done like this:

clang-format -i class.cpp class.h

This overrides all given files. If you only want to check the formatting -i has to be removed.

Areas in the source code that must not be formatted have to be embraced in following statements:

this = is.formatted;
// clang-format off
this+=   isnot     ;
// clang-format on
this = again;

Formatting the entire code base

Formatting the entire code base can be done with specifying all code files of the project or be invoking Meson's clang-format target:

ninja -C builddir clang-format