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  • (added) Static Qt 5.15.13 nogui (CLI) builds for all platforms

  • (added) VS Mode learn more buttons and warning links

  • (updated) Significant PLC performance and quality improvements

  • (updated) Reduced amount of latency added for PLC strategy

  • (updated) Merged PLC buffer strategies (3 is now identical to 4)

  • (updated) Automatically start PLC worker for slower predictions

  • (updated) Builds now use Qt 6.2.8 for OSX and 5.15.13 for Linux

  • (updated) Linux containers now use static builds with Qt 6.5.3

  • (updated) VS Mode help links go to

  • (updated) VS Mode manage button goes to new studio dashboard

  • (fixed) PLC degradation when peer != local buffer sizes

  • (fixed) Port binding on machines that don't support IPv6

  • (fixed) Command line interface debug logging improvements

  • (fixed) VS Mode truncation of invite copied tooltip message


  • (fixed) VS Mode only admins could join new sessions starting up

  • (fixed) VS Mode only ask for feedback if you've joined a session

  • (updated) VS Mode updates to support self hosted virtual studios


  • (fixed) Allow software opengl for older windows video drivers

  • (fixed) VS Mode avoid unnecessary JACK library checks at startup


  • (added) New container images for JackTrip hub server

  • (fixed) Support for audio interfaces on OSX with multiple channels

  • (fixed) Hub server crashes when trying to rebind ports

  • (fixed) VS Mode blacklisted Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver

  • (fixed) VS Mode inconsistent initial connection state


  • (updated) VS Mode updated network connection thresholds

  • (updated) VS Mode improved sample rate flexibility for Windows

  • (fixed) VS Mode inconsistent deep link handling on Windows

  • (fixed) Throttle console errors for UDP waiting too long


  • (fixed) Sample rate issues with certain Windows ASIO drivers


  • (updated) Improved support for different input and output devices

  • (updated) Various latency improvements for packet loss concealment

  • (updated) VS Mode make it easier to dismiss the user feedback dialog

  • (updated) VS Mode error message for disconnected audio interfaces

  • (fixed) VS Mode broken deeplinks when studio doesn't match filters

  • (fixed) VS Mode refused to connect to studios not 48khz

  • (fixed) VS Mode showed wrong devices selected when connected


  • (added) VS Mode ability to create studios without a web browser

  • (added) VS Mode improved network stability notifications

  • (added) VS Mode dialog when QML plugins are missing

  • (updated) VS Mode video improvements on Windows

  • (updated) Packet loss concealment latency and quality improvements

  • (fixed) Packet loss concealment glitches when buffer sizes don't match

  • (fixed) VS Mode ensure that the app is disconnected at startup

  • (fixed) Invalid escape sequence in Linux desktop file

  • (fixed) VS Mode unable to change update channel


  • (added) VS Mode latency categories for Linux audio devices

  • (added) VS Mode audio warnings for high latency Linux devices

  • (updated) Improved support for Pipewire latency on Linux

  • (fixed) Crash on Windows when using the JACK audio backend

  • (fixed) Include ALSA support for Linux builds using meson

  • (fixed) VS Mode overlapping UI elements with max scaling

  • (fixed) Don't require git to be present for meson builds

  • (fixed) Linux man page description and meson build errors


  • (fixed) VS Mode Mix to Mono setting was sending a buzzing noise

  • (fixed) VS Mode Logout followed by Login was breaking network stats

  • (fixed) Device names with special characters work again


  • (added) VS Mode integrated video and other UI updates

  • (added) VS support for refreshing devices while connected to studio

  • (added) VS feedback survey request after leaving studios

  • (added) VS Mode improved warnings for high latency audio devices

  • (added) VS Mode improved getting started recommendations

  • (updated) official builds now use Qt 6 and RtAudio 6

  • (updated) official Windows builds now use schannel and MSVC

  • (updated) Simple-FFT dependency copied into source tree

  • (updated) Improved user experience when using the RtAudio backend

  • (fixed) Crashes when audio interfaces don't support buffer size

  • (fixed) Crashes when audio interfaces are unplugged while active

  • (fixed) Blacklisting Steinberg Generic ASIO driver due to crashes

  • (fixed) Bugs with Virtual Studio deep links and connections stats

  • (fixed) VS Settings will now revert back when Cancel is selected

  • (fixed) VS Mode device levels no longer reset on first registration


  • (fixed) VS Mode crashes involving ASIO device selection


  • (added) VS Mode automatically mute when feedback is detected

  • (added) VS Mode - notify people of network outages

  • (updated) PLC optimizations for slower hardware devices

  • (updated) VS Mode volume meter performance improvements

  • (updated) VS Mode login no longer listens on a local port

  • (updated) VS Mode improved clarity of startup messages

  • (fixed) Windows crash caused by Realtek ASIO driver

  • (fixed) More friendly message for Windows Terminal bug

  • (fixed) Faster startup by reducing and deferring audio interface scans

  • (fixed) Switching from VS to Classic mode leaves audio open


  • (added) buffer strategy 4 to run PLC in audio callback

  • (added) VS Mode - change audio devices while connected

  • (added) universal binary for macOS

  • (added) tooltips, sliders, and positioning of connected interface

  • (added) emails for vulnerability reporting

  • (added) local monitoring

  • (added) VS mode - Error message when single studio limit reached

  • (updated) regulator thread uses real-time priority

  • (updated) VS mode - use buffer strategy 4

  • (updated) VS mode - Default to PLC

  • (updated) VS Mode - PLC auto queue has 5ms headroom

  • (updated) Enforcing using the same ASIO device on Windows

  • (updated) VS Mode - JTL builds hide the yes/no screen on first launch

  • (updated) GHA - wait for static Qt builds rather than failing

  • (updated) VS Mode - "all devices" is now "high latency"

  • (updated) VS Mode - Warning text for non-ASIO Windows devices

  • (updated) Faust-generate code moved out of headers

  • (fixed) PLC bugs

  • (fixed) VS Mode - changing devices while connected refreshes device lists

  • (fixed) play test tone on Linux

  • (fixed) static openssl on Linux


  • (added) VS mode - tooltips to explain input and output device

  • (added) buffer size and sample rate now settable with Pipewire

  • (added) VS mode - link to create a studio on the login complete page

  • (fixed) Device names with special characters work again

  • (fixed) undefine boolean error

  • (fixed) VS Mode - Audio settings correctly show the selected device

  • (fixed) VS Mode - Refresh button doesn't crash Windows any more

  • (fixed) VS Mode - Output channel selections save correctly

  • (updated) documentation styling

  • (updated) removed ipify from VS mode

  • (updated) ip check can now function with only IPv6

  • (updated) cleaned up vsinit class


  • (added) Qt version option for Meson builds

  • (added) GHA builds now include static preview docs

  • (added) when using the classic GUI, command line options are now parsed

  • (added) VS mode - Selecting and configuring device channels

  • (added) Classic mode - Warning for machines without JACK installed

  • (added) VS mode - high latency warning for non-ASIO devices

  • (added) Meson build without rtaudio in GHA

  • (updated) icons in VS mode

  • (updated) Linux builds now use Qt 5.15.8

  • (updated) Replaced QVector in meter code

  • (updated) Removed set-output from GHA scripts for deprecation

  • (updated) Automated the auto-updater release process

  • (updated) RtAudio is included in Linux binary releases

  • (updated) text on audio setup confirm button when using deeplink

  • (updated) VS Mode - improved first-time signin

  • (updated) Flathub - improve latency by defaulting to 256 samples buffer size

  • (fixed) ambiguous call to overloaded function in Qt6

  • (fixed) issue where selected devices were not the devices used for output

  • (fixed) crash when using Classic mode and CLI w/ JACK

  • (fixed) ipify issue with Norton

  • (fixed) compiler warnings when building without RtAudio

  • (fixed) VS Mode - refresh button behavior on settings page


  • (added) missing QuickControl2 dependency

  • (added) documentation preview in build steps

  • (added) README text about PPA and Debian backports

  • (updated) upgraded to Qt 5.15.3

  • (updated) linux package dependencies

  • (updated) JackTrip now uses a random available port when connecting

  • (updated) VS mode - Audio settings screen layouts

  • (fixed) VS mode - video button is now available to all users of a Studio

  • (fixed) A few memory leaks

  • (fixed) linux static builds


  • (added) VS Mode - Start and join inactive studios

  • (added) JackTrip now prints build info on running from console

  • (added) VS Mode - supports changing output volume from the server

  • (added) VS Mode - Link to video on VS web when connected

  • (updated) signing now happens in the main build workflow

  • (updated) VS mode sorts active studios above inactive studios

  • (updated) cmake build

  • (updated) meson builds will fail if no backend is enabled

  • (updated) replaced many ifdefs with if constexpr

  • (updated) After signing out of VS mode, you will be asked to sign back in on the web

  • (fixed) network stats failing after studio start

  • (fixed) occasional immediate disconnects

  • (fixed) segfault issue due to ifdefs

  • (fixed) Hanging UI on Windows

  • (fixed) turned a comment warning into an appropriate error

  • (fixed) VS Mode - Join issue withs studios started in app

  • (fixed) hanging app after refreshing studios

  • (fixed) VS Mode - TCP 19 error after starting a studio


  • (fixed) broken "Yes" button on launch

  • (fixed) window resizing issues

  • (fixed) subscribed studios showing up under Public in VS mode


  • (added) volume meters in classic mode

  • (added) release-acquire ordering for Regular

  • (added) audio driver support article in VS mode

  • (added) regulatorthread

  • (added) studios page first time UI

  • (added) non-asio audio devices can be used on windows

  • (updated) dependency list in documentation

  • (updated) windows opens jacktrip after install

  • (updated) Move to overlapped I/O for Windows Networking

  • (updated) New default device behavior in Virtual Studio mode

  • (fixed) opening links from Virtual Studio

  • (fixed) send capture volume as int

  • (fixed) connection issues for servers without reverse dns

  • (fixed) flatpak build errors

  • (fixed) ventura updater crash

  • (fixed) uninitialized delete issue

  • (remvoed) extraneous call to readSlotNonBlocking


  • (fixed) Notarization scripts for macOS

  • Note - this version replaces 1.6.5, as that release was mistakenly deleted


  • (added) Input/output volume control and input mute in VS

  • (added) Volume plugin

  • (added) Linux manifests used for download links

  • (added) VS Test mode for users

  • (added) Qt6 support for NO_VS builds

  • (added) Show Qt version in About dialog

  • (updated) VS - makes inactive, admin'd studios visible by default

  • (updated) using -q auto3 for buffer length with plc

  • (updated) updated notarization process to use notarytool

  • (updated) link to Qt source as it has changed

  • (updated) Classic GUI reverts some pre-VS changes

  • (updated) QMake build scripts more in line with documentation

  • (fixed) new user screen in VS mode

  • (fixed) logout freezing jacktrip

  • (fixed) NO_VS builds work without setting NO_UPDATER

  • (fixed) volume meter-related crash


  • (added) Volume meters when connected to a Studio in VS mode

  • (added) Validation of Linux desktop file in build steps

  • (added) a copy invite link button to VS mode Studios

  • (added) an advanced setting for buffer strategy in VS mode

  • (updated) PLC workers now zero out the last good packet from stalled clients

  • (updated) PLC distinguish stuck clients

  • (updated) Fedora meson dependencies

  • (fixed) UI is usable when Studio list in empty in VS mode

  • (fixed) Crashing when unplugging a device while connected and using JACK

  • (fixed) Launching from URL skipped setup

  • (fixed) UI hanging when connecting to Studios in VS mode

  • (fixed) "Refresh list" button disabling ui interaction in VS mode

  • (fixed) Network stats not displaying on first connect after login (VS mode)

  • (fixed) VS mode won't join studios when on warning or device setup screens


  • (fixed) Segfault when creating a hub server via cmd line

  • (fixed) Linux desktop file is no longer invalid

  • (fixed) Command line arguments no longer print to console


  • (updated) Static Qt version for Linux builds

  • (updated) cleaner, easier to read VS settings

  • (updated) icons for 'Manage' and 'Settings' in VS mode

  • (added) human-readable locations in VS mode

  • (added) warning that cmake is not officially supported

  • (added) VS mode is treated as a device by VS web

  • (added) Network statistics in Virtual Studio mode

  • (added) URL scheme support to join a Studio from the VS web join button

  • (added) banner images on Studios in VS mode

  • (added) VS mode sets remote client name to app ID

  • (fixed) WebSocket connection behavior in Virtual Studio (VS) mode

  • (fixed) dblsqd errors in Linux builds

  • (fixed) Windows datagramAvailable error

  • (fixed) High Sierra compatibility in static builds

  • (fixed) Doesn't crash if RtAudio sample rate isn't supported

  • (fixed) Fractional UI scaling on Windows


  • (added) ToS IP header to use DSCP Expedited Forwarding

  • (fixed) Ubuntu deoendencies

  • (fixed) timeout of client restored

  • (fixed) bufstrategy 3 history minimum

  • (fixed) perpetual logging in screen


  • (added) Virtual Studio integration; previous GUI is now called "Classic Mode"

  • (added) dblsqd for auto-updates

  • (updated) buffer strategy 3 - multiple updates and fixes, still experimental

  • (added) JackTrip Labs signing scripts

  • (fixed) OpenSSL in the build script

  • (updated) code cleanup and maintenance


  • (added) linux instructions for parallel versions

  • (added) docs on running JackTrip with a named JACK server

  • (added) nogui linux release build

  • (update) Auto mode for buffer strategy 3

  • (update) remove extra macOS binary release artifact

  • (fixed) Don't link nogui qmake build with gui libraries


  • (update) RingBuffer replaced by Regulator for experimental buffer strategy 3

  • (update) call out old jacktrip versions in package repos on Debian and others

  • (update) first attempt to support BSDs (especially FreeBSD)

  • (update) add signing to macOS packaging script

  • (update) Rename MANUAL_POLL TO MANUAL_POLL

  • (update) RtAudio warning changes

  • (update) Use bundled rtaudio for Windows release builds

  • (update) Incorporate meson build in the main GHA file

  • (fixed) build script doesn't exit if build fails

  • (fixed) false error message for JACK 1.9.20 on M1 builds

  • (fixed) Don't connect our UDP socket

  • (fixed) Fix GUI command line warning

  • (fixed) Limiter allocation in GUI


  • (added) option to include the server in the patching for client fan out/in and full mix modes

  • (added) clang-tidy and clang-format CI checks

  • (update) [Meson] only add weakjack include directory when enabled

  • (update) remove reserved macro identifiers // use predefined macros

  • (update) remove 'using namespace std' and add clang-tidy check

  • (fixed) nearly all clazy warnings level 2 fixed

  • (fixed) missing Windows startmenu icon

  • (fixed) missing initializer for PROCESSENTRY32 type (Windows)


  • (added) option to upmix mono clients to stereo in hub server mode patching


  • Generating changelog from YAML file for MkDocs and Flatpaks by @ntonnaett in #442

  • Update jacktrip_globals.h by @cchafe in #443


  • [Meson] Set RtAudio subproject to version 5.2.0 by @ntonnaett in #436

  • Verbose mode in GUI by @psiborg112 in #434

  • Help screen for app bundle script by @psiborg112 in #439

  • [GHA] Fix weekly cron job entry by @ntonnaett in #441


  • Fix for OSX installer failures by @mikedickey in #431


  • (added) optional GUI from QJackTrip

  • (added) authentication in hub server mode

  • (added) different number of sending and receiving channels

  • (added) append thread IDs to jack client names

  • (added) new patcher mechanism that doesn't delete existing connections

  • (added) MkDocs based documentation

  • (added) weak jack linking

  • (added) manpage

  • (added) MSVC build

  • (added) RtAudio Meson subproject

  • (added) formatting with clang-format

  • (added) static analysis with clang-tidy

  • (added) cross compilation for Windows

  • (added) flatpaks

  • (added) appstream

  • (added) automated builds and deployment for Linux, macOS and Windows

  • (added) macOS and Windows Installers

  • (fixed) regression in remote client name handling

  • (fixed) long jack client names (> 27 characters) in 1.9.11

  • (fixed) Hardcode Derived Class Names of ProcessPlugins to prevent undefined behavior

  • (update) QJackTrip and JackTrip are now identical

  • (update) Change helpscreen wording for --broadcast argument

  • (update) jitter buffer alternatives

  • (update) RtAudio revive

  • (update) RtAudio device selection

  • (update) build script moved to root directory


  • (added) async networking in hub listener

  • (added) limiter, compressor, reverb

  • (added) examine audio delay

  • (added) jitter buffer alternatives

  • (added) broadcast output ports

  • (added) PREFIX variable for installation path

  • (added) disconnect on timeout

  • (added) SIGTERM

  • (added) simulate packet loss, jitter

  • (added) hubpatch 5, no auto patching

  • (added) jack client name length check

  • (added) scripts/hubMode/

  • (added) Meson build

  • (fixed) misc. typos, indentation

  • (fixed) short form IO stat options

  • (fixed) nullptr jack server name when creating jack client

  • (fixed) stop ring buffer blocking when jack has been stopped

  • (fixed) JMess handling of non-western characters

  • (fixed) closing curly brace on mJackTrip client creation

  • (fixed) Warnings

  • (fixed) remove rtaudio device and mpeeraddress msgs.

  • (fixed) signal and slot connections

  • (fixed) incorrect dependency from jacktrip_main

  • (update) RT thread priority for network I/O

  • (update) clipping to saturation

  • (update) build instructions


  • (added) bindPort range to reject oddball connections

  • (fixed) jack client name strings


  • (added) src/build script builds in ../builddir

  • (fixed) refactor "Master" to be "Hub"

  • (fixed) 1.2.1 correctly Versioned and tagged


  • (added) jack patching modes (-p) for Hub Mode server (-S)

  • (fixed) Compilation under ubuntu

  • (removed) setRealtimeProcessPriority()

  • (removed) Rtaudio mode (but still has dependencies)

  • (fixed) IPv4-mapped IPv6 addressing bug

  • ...

  • (fixed) Fixed compilation for MacOSX10.11.sdk.

  • (update) Updated to RtAudio 4.1.1, and using shared lib in linux.


  • (added) Support for RtAudio. Jacktrip can now be used without Jack

  • (added) DNS Look-up support, now one machine can have a private IP (but still needs to have UDP ports open)

  • (added) New port to Windows XP and Windows Vista (experimental and not tested for a long time, only when using jacktrip as a library)

  • (added) Multiclient Server (experimental and not exposed in the executable)


  • (added) Compatibility with JamLink boxes (restricted at the moment to 48KHz, 64 buffer size and 1 channel)

  • (added) New port structure that allows the communication between a public server and a local client

  • (added) Option for packets without header

  • (added) Option to change default client name

  • (fixed) General optimizations and code cleanup

  • (added) Improved, now cross-platform build script


  • (fixed) Buss error caused when no physical inputs or outputs ports are available


  • (added) Redundancy Algorithm for UDP Packets to avoid glitches with packet losses

  • (fixed) Now compiles on 64bits machines

  • (fixed) Improved exceptions handling

  • (added) Basic Karplus-Strong model added as Plug-in

  • (added) Some functionality reimplemented using signals and slots for more flexibility

  • (added) Multiple-Client-Server in alpha testing, expect it working in the next release

1.0.2 (Development)

  • (added) Port offset mode, to use a different UDP port than the default one.

  • (fixed) Improved thread behavior

1.0.1 (Development)

  • (added) jamlink mode to connect with jamlink boxes

  • (fixed) thread priority in both Linux and Mac OS X (still need some work on the Mac OS X Version)

  • (fixed) Bug that was causing plug-ins not to behave correctly

  • (added) Loopback mode

  • (added) Underrun Modes: Wavetable (default) and set to zeros

  • (added) Check for peer audio settings, program exists if they don't match

  • (added) Automatically connect ports to available physical audio interface.

1.0 (Development)

  • initial release