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  • (added) optional GUI from QJackTrip
  • (added) authentication in hub server mode
  • (added) different number of sending and receiving channels
  • (added) append thread IDs to jack client names
  • (added) new patcher mechanism that doesn't delete existing connections
  • (added) MkDocs based documentation
  • (added) weak jack linking
  • (added) manpage
  • (added) MSVC build
  • (added) RtAudio Meson subproject
  • (added) formatting with clang-format
  • (added) static analysis with clang-tidy
  • (added) cross compilation for Windows
  • (added) flatpaks
  • (added) appstream
  • (added) automated builds and deployment for Linux, macOS and Windows
  • (added) macOS and Windows Installers
  • (fixed) regression in remote client name handling
  • (fixed) long jack client names (> 27 characters) in 1.9.11
  • (fixed) Hardcode Derived Class Names of ProcessPlugins to prevent undefined behavior
  • (update) QJackTrip and JackTrip are now identical
  • (update) Change helpscreen wording for --broadcast argument
  • (update) jitter buffer alternatives
  • (update) RtAudio revive
  • (update) RtAudio device selection
  • (update) build script moved to root directory


  • (added) async networking in hub listener
  • (added) limiter, compressor, reverb
  • (added) examine audio delay
  • (added) jitter buffer alternatives
  • (added) broadcast output ports
  • (added) PREFIX variable for installation path
  • (added) disconnect on timeout
  • (added) SIGTERM
  • (added) simulate packet loss, jitter
  • (added) hubpatch 5, no auto patching
  • (added) jack client name length check
  • (added) scripts/hubMode/
  • (added) Meson build
  • (fixed) misc. typos, indentation
  • (fixed) short form IO stat options
  • (fixed) nullptr jack server name when creating jack client
  • (fixed) stop ring buffer blocking when jack has been stopped
  • (fixed) JMess handling of non-western characters
  • (fixed) closing curly brace on mJackTrip client creation
  • (fixed) Warnings
  • (fixed) remove rtaudio device and mpeeraddress msgs.
  • (fixed) signal and slot connections
  • (fixed) incorrect dependency from jacktrip_main
  • (update) RT thread priority for network I/O
  • (update) clipping to saturation
  • (update) build instructions


  • (added) bindPort range to reject oddball connections
  • (fixed) jack client name strings


  • (added) src/build script builds in ../builddir
  • (fixed) refactor "Master" to be "Hub"
  • (fixed) 1.2.1 correctly versioned and tagged


  • (added) jack patching modes (-p) for Hub Mode server (-S)
  • (fixed) Compilation under ubuntu
  • (removed) setRealtimeProcessPriority()
  • (removed) Rtaudio mode (but still has dependencies)
  • (fixed) IPv4-mapped IPv6 addressing bug ...
  • (fixed) Fixed compilation for MacOSX10.11.sdk.
  • (update) Updated to RtAudio 4.1.1, and using shared lib in linux.


  • (added) Support for RtAudio. Jacktrip can now be used without Jack
  • (added) DNS Look-up support, now one machine can have a private IP (but still needs to have UDP ports open)
  • (added) New port to Windows XP and Windows Vista (experimental and not tested for a long time, only when using jacktrip as a library)
  • (added) Multiclient Server (experimental and not exposed in the executable)


  • (added) Compatibility with JamLink boxes (restricted at the moment to 48KHz, 64 buffer size and 1 channel)
  • (added) New port structure that allows the communication between a public server and a local client
  • (added) Option for packets without header
  • (added) Option to change default client name
  • (fixed) General optimizations and code cleanup
  • (added) Improved, now cross-platform build script


  • (fixed) Buss error caused when no physical inputs or outputs ports are available


  • (added) Redundancy Algorithm for UDP Packets to avoid glitches with packet losses
  • (fixed) Now compiles on 64bits machines
  • (fixed) Improved exceptions handling
  • (added) Basic Karplus-Strong model added as Plug-in
  • (added) Some functionality reimplemented using signals and slots for more flexibility
  • (added) Multiple-Client-Server in alpha testing, expect it working in the next release

1.0.2 Alpha

  • (added) Port offset mode, to use a different UDP port than the default one.
  • (fixed) Improved thread behavior

1.0.1 Alpha

  • (added) jamlink mode to connect with jamlink boxes
  • (fixed) thread priority in both Linux and Mac OS X (still need some work on the Mac OS X version)
  • (fixed) Bug that was causing plug-ins not to behave correctly
  • (added) Loopback mode
  • (added) Underrun Modes: Wavetable (default) and set to zeros
  • (added) Check for peer audio settings, program exists if they don't match
  • (added) Automatically connect ports to available physical audio interface.

1.0 Alpha - initial release